Asus company founded by (T. H Tung, M. T Liao, Ted Hsu, Wayne Tsiah, Wayne Hashe) now SEO of Asus of laptop-PC (S. Y Hsu) and global service lead (Samson Hu) 

Asus has its headquarters in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan. As of 2009, Asus had manufacturing facilities in Taiwan (Taipei, Luzhu, Nangan, Guishan), mainland China (Suzhou, Chongqing), Mexico (Ciudad Juárez) and the Czech Republic (Ostrava).

It has good services care of customer recently many products selling well Asus mostly made for gaming hence their in minimum price to service big RAM and storage.

Asus wifi systems also have a few kinks, despite being very effective. However, overall, their reliability is high, their price is good, and their support is one of the best

The electronic company was founded in 1989 in Taiwan Asus one of the largest computer hardware and multinational company. Asus mobile brand now it creat big world of mobile Asus relative as a new player it has to launch their Phone Under the name of Zenfone. The most important thing about Asus smartphone quality and creative design smartphone.
Asus is a Taiwanese Company and their large amount of manufacturing under in its own brand Asus is a part of chine as we know belong Asus Chinese company hence Asus mostly in market field popular as an Indian country recently Asus launch an exclusive smartphone as